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Renewable Resource

Renewable Resource Renewable resource are such type of resources,as you can use again and again. There is a natural cycle to make them reusable , that is why they are called renewable resource.

Air: It is several kg thick blanket of atmosphere surronding the earth. Air is a very u=important natural resource. It consists of nitrogen 79%, oxygen 20% ,carbon dioxide 0.03% and traces of inert gases called noble gases .oxygen is consumed in respiration and along with it,CO2 and nitrogen are raw materials in natural cycle for making food and other substance required y living system.air is being polluted rapidly due to industrialization and automobile.

Water: About 70% of the earth surface is covered with is also component of soil and is also major constituent of living organisms , comprising 70-90% of their body weight. Energy: The energy shortage that we all have in the last decade has been a result of rapidly decreasing supplies of fossil fuels i.e coal and natural gas like other environment resource, energy , resource can also be classified as inexhaustable and exhaustable.inexhaustable resouce include solar energy , falling water ,wind , ocean thermal gradient , waves .

Fossil fuels: Coal , oil and gas are the fossil nfules 95% of our daily energy requirement and met with these resource,they are called because are the remain of plants and animals of past which became buried due of environment hazards and were fossilized in deeper layers of earth and sea. Hydroelectric Power: Rain is a renewable weneergy source, which gets its energy indirectly from the sun. rain that falls on high areas such as mountains possesses large amount of gravitational potential energy , as rain water is harnessed to turn turbines fixed at the base of dams. The turning turbines will then drive generals to produce electricity , which is known as hydroelectric power or electricity . it is the cheapest and non pollutant source of energy , which man must exploit more for its benefit and for keping environment safe.

Tidal power: Tides are mainly caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and to a lessers extent by the gravitational pull of sun on the water is ses and oceans. The changing tides drive water towards or away from the land. The different in height of the water at hight and low tides is made use of in a tidal power satationto generate electricity. A tidal power station consists of a long barrier called a tidal barrage . the flow of water across the barrage turns its turbines , which in turn drive the generators to produce electricity.

Wind Power: Wind is moving air. It is caused by sun heating different different parts of the earth surface unevenly . as warm air rises , cooler air flow , as winds to take its palace. Different temperature at diferent places have created various high and low - pressure regions. Winds blows from areas of high pressure to areas of lower pressure.

Nuclear Energy: Nuclear energy is obtained from neclear fules by nuclear fission. In nuclear power station , large amount of heat is generated by nuclear fission , which takes palce in a nuclear reactor. The heat energy is ten used to convert water into steam turbines for generating electricity. Nuclear power station does not produce such waste gases which pollute air , unlike those using fossil fuels

Geothermal energy: Volcanoes , hot springs and geysers allow the escape of hot susbtance from the inside of earth. The natural heat energy tarpped underground is called geothermal energy. Hot water or steam carrying geothermal energy comes up to the surface in some parts of the worlds such as new zealand and ice land. Geothermal energy is free and can last for long time . sites of geothermal energy and usually located in areas for away from their consumer . this makes the harnessing of geothermal energy at these sites impracticable . further more , harmful substance such as boron and oxides of sulphur and also released with the hot water or steam. Ibrahim Nisar @Kamboh292

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