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Covid Vaccination coverage in Canada

According to Government of Canada

This week, 75% of the eligible population is fully vaccinated. Keep going, Canada 💪

The more people who get Fully Vaccinated the more we help to protect each other.

Why getting vaccinated is important

When you're vaccinated, you build immunity (ability to resist infection). This protects you from getting the disease and prevents you spreading it to others. Some vaccines protect you for several years and some protect you for the rest of your life.

The more people who are vaccinated in the community, the lower the risk of infection for those who:

  • can't be vaccinated

  • are too young to receive vaccines (infants)

  • developed only partial immunity from the vaccine

When you're vaccinated, you help to create community immunity, sometimes called herd immunity. You protect both yourself and those around you.

The more contagious a disease, the more we need high vaccination coverage to reach community immunity. For measles, the most contagious vaccine-preventable disease, we need coverage rates as high as 95%.

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