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Animals as a living creatures

Animals as a living creatures God have created many creatures on this earth. We can see them on different spots of our life. Some of natural creatures including relief, fauna and flora out of which fauna is the most innocent and loving. Fauna refer to all the animals (wild and domestic)on the earth if we look or try to concentrate on their nature they are really loving and they want us to love them.

As a human it is our responsibility not to violate their rights there are different ways in which their rights can be violated.Animal cart is the best example in this regard. In the present world we can see such examples in abundance.

The dog meat festival is an animal festival in yulin, guangxi china in which festival geors kills happily living dogs and eat their meat during ten days thousand of dogs are reportedly consumed.

Is this right to do??? Animals also have feelings and heart Do you think is that right hurting them???or hurting them is a source of fun to human??...

Other cruelty include abuse of drug testing experiment killing them for clothing do we realize that these animals are so important.

Everyone has the same rights regardless humans or non humans I want to write in favour of innocent animals.

Snakes crocodiles and many other animals are killed to make boots. If we think about the value of their life it can not be just a pair of boots and coat just to wear stylist clothes we take someone's life oh you human stop using those products which are result of ceasing lives. Be kind toward animals.

Animals cruelty also involve gratuitously inflicting harm burning stabbing or kicking them for no reason we should try to save them from such acts if we see such reckless behavior it is our duty to protect them give them shelter,safety and protection cause these are not only rights of human beings but non humans (animals) too... If you see in their eyes there is a clear hope to live love and be loved by someone else if they are not humans is doesn't mean that God created them to get harmed by humans. When I consider all creatures on earth I come to know that humans are the most savage and inhuman among them and the rumour we spread is animals are dangerous so I raise my voice against animal's abuse.

We all should play our role for the protection of animal rights the government should also take proper actions for protection of animals!! Written by Rabia Khan @Fantasy_lady21

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